How To Restore Ceiling Water Damage On Your Own?

Whenever the monsoon comes, there are chances of occurring water damage issues in your house ceiling. Sometimes the leakage is quite small and normal, which you can fix on your own. So, learn here quick steps to repair the ceiling water damage at home.

Ceiling water damage

Follow The Quick Steps To Restore Ceiling Water Damage

Step 1: First stop the source of water that causes the water damage problem to your ceiling. So, find and fix the roof leakage issue. Else replace the leaking pipe with a new one.

Step 2: Now, dry the ceiling from above and below the affected area. But, before that cover your floor and furniture with a tarp. Once you are able to seal or fix the leak, dry the ceiling with a towel, vacuum, or fans. If the ceiling still continues to leak, then cut the wet portions of it. 

Note: Make sure to dry out the damaged portion of the ceiling completely before starting to repair it, else it can cause mold growth.

Step 3: Remove all the damaged and loose portions of the ceiling. You can use a paint scraper to remove the chipping surface. 

Step 4: Take sandpaper and use it to smooth the ridges between the clean and affected areas. Also, wear safety glasses to avoid getting dust into your eyes while repairing the ceiling. You can use new sheets of drywall or plaster to repair the big holes in the ceiling.

Step 5: Apply a primer coating on the visible stains of your ceiling. Then, apply the coat of paint over it after the primer is dried out. 

Water Damage Repair at Home


Are You Searching For Finest Ceiling Water Damage Services?

You have learned the above DIY steps to repair your ceiling from water damage. But, if there is major damage to your ceiling, then you can contact the best professionals like Your Air Specialist. Our experts restore the water damage situation with the use of proper tools and equipment required for it.

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