Important AC Filter Cleaning Tips

Over time, dirt and grime get accumulated in your air conditioning filter. As a result, they restrict airflow and prevent the unit to cool as before. 

Generally, you should opt for AC filter cleaning once before the summer arrives, and once or twice every month. 

If you are thinking that running water is enough to get the dirt out of the air conditioning filter, then you are wrong. 

Here are the top cleaning tips for your ac filter. Consider it to have a cool airflow as always. 

Professional AC Filter Cleaning

Steps To Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter For Cool Airflow

  1. Turn the electricity off and detach your filter. You can also check the manual to know the exact way to remove the ac filter. 
  1. Vacuum the filter at a medium or low setting to remove the build-up of visible dust and grime.
  1. Drop your ac filter in lukewarm water and add some liquid detergent in it. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes before taking it out. Repeat until you get a thorough ac filter cleaning result. 
  1. Create the solution of vinegar and water. Pour into the spray bottle. Sprinkle the solution on your ac filter and rest for 10 minutes. This will kill all the germs and bacteria. 
  1. Place the ac filter over the dry newspaper. Let the filter dry naturally for a few hours before you install it back. 
  1. Once your air conditioning filter is clean, turn on the power supply to enjoy the bacteria-free airflow. 

To conclude, 

Air conditioning filter cleaning is very essential to conduct. If you haven’t done since long, then go for it now. Consider above AC filter cleaning tips to get a cool and bacteria-free airflow in your property. 

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