How to Stop Mold From Growing in House?

Mold is directly related to moisture. Where there is excess moisture there is a possibility of mold growth. Where there is mold, there is a possibility of health hazards. Mold can grow anywhere. It can grow on drywall, wood, carpets, clothing, bathroom tiles, pipes and even on ceilings.

Mold can cause health hazards such as headaches, skin burning, fever, nose bleeding, eye irritation, asthma and also it can weaken the immune system. It can highly affect babies, children, elder people, people prone to allergies, respiratory and skin issues. 

How To Stop Mold From Growing In House?

  1. Reduce air moisture

The main cause of mold is moisture. It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow. If you see moisture appearing on walls or ceiling, you need to dry it spontaneously. Mold cannot grow without moisture. Stop mold from growing by using moisture traps and place them near the damp areas. Purchase a dehumidifier which can help to reduce air moisture.

  1. Proper ventilation

There many daily household activities that can boost the chance of mold growth. It can be cooking food, laundry work, taking a shower and many more. To avoid mold, you need to provide proper ventilation. For that, you can keep your kitchen window open while cooking. It will create a proper airflow and allow natural light and air to get in.

Open your window

  1. Identify leaks

Water leaks are one of the major contributors to mold growth. So, you can carry out an audit in your house to identify leaks. Location the source of the problem. Once you locate the areas, fix it as soon as possible. Leaks can be due to broken water pipes, improper closing taps, cracks in ceiling and broken gutter fittings.

water leakage

  1. Regular cleaning

Mold can grow anywhere. It is a fungus that grows due to bacterial spores. To stop mold from growing in the house, regular cleaning, dusting, regularly changing room and bathroom curtains is very important. So make sure you do this in a specific interval of time. 

  1. Clean roof gutters

The blockage of roof gutters can cause the water to seep inside the roof, which is an open opportunity for mold growth. In order to avoid such conditions, do a proper cleaning and do roof gutter repairs as required. Moreover. inspect them regularly and especially during the rainy season due to warm and moist atmosphere. Hopefully, by now you might be having all the answers on how to stop mold from growing. If you are not confident with doing it yourself, then focus on the next option.

  1. Call in the professionals

Sometimes there may be a situation that there is leakage inside the walls and at that time you can do anything by yourself. Therefore, you need to call the professionals. They can handle all types of moisture removal jobs and can help you to keep your indoor environment mold-free.

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